Natural Invention CD + Downloads

The brand new album from the Gigspanner Big Band supergroup.

The Gigspanner Big Band are: Peter Knight - fiddle, vocals. John Spiers - melodeon, concertina, vocals. Hannah Martin - fiddle, banjo, vocals. Philip Henry - dobro, harmonica, vocals. Roger Flack - guitars, bass, vocals. Sacha Trochet - percussion, bass, vocals.


01 Awake Awake

02 Long a Growing

03 Searching for Lambs

04 Betsy Bell and Mary Grey

05 Daddy Fox

06 Haul on the Bowline

07 Earl Brand

08 The Snows They Melt The Soonest

09 Courting is a Pleasure

10 The Star of Munster and Reel du Tricentenaire

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