Welcome To Our New Website

The big new of course is the new CD 'Doors At Eight'.

Next would have to be how much we have enjoyed our recent tour during May 2011. The gigs have been as good as any in the past, and it doesn't get any better than going out to play a gig, and coming away feeling that everyone there, band and audience, has had a worthwhile musical experience.

I am always reluctant to say that I have played well. In one respect it can be the kiss of death thinking such things. On the other, there are times when I feel quietly fullfilled by the realisation that the music I have just played came from the best in me.

Roger and Vincent, once this website is up and running, will add their thoughts and feelings from time to time. Early days to say how this site will develop as time passes.

For now, I will think about what may be of interest to those who are interested in this band's music, and how best to involve you in our musical interests.

Posted on August 27th 2011

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