The next twelve gigs

Our lovely drummer Vincent has had to leave the tour due to personal reasons on the home front.

There are two gigs that he can do because he can get home after the gig. These are Maidenhead and Winchelsea.

Luckily, Gary Hammond, a fantastic percussionist, is available to do the next seven gigs, and we have spent the day rehearsing the music. Gary is half of 'The Hut People'. His playing is superb. We are looking forward to the gigs hugely. The rehearsals were fantastic. We all left the village hall smiling

For the other four gigs left on the tour, we are joined by Sacha Trochet. Again, a great player with an amazing feel for the music. Really looking forward to playing with him.

Although this situation has been forced on us, it's none the less exciting to play with other good musicians, and if anything, there is an extra excitement about these next twelve gigs.

Our hearts go out to Vincent. He is devastated that he can't finish the tour. These things happen, and we all know that it's the music that's the star of the show, and not those who play it.

All the best for now, Peter, Roger and Debs.

Gigspanner. x

Posted on November 17th 2016

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