Special Preview Track from SALTLINES

"Folk songs by their very nature recall the past, but words and meaning can change and drift over

time, like the headlands of the coast slipping in and out of the mist. 

The Saltlines project combines a rich heritage of song with an exploration of words to reach that moment where the

sun burns back the mist and the south west comes into clear view.

It has been a revelation, liberating even, for me to be able to concentrate my thoughts and words into a shorter form. Also while The Salt Path was a personal reflection on my own life, it's been a pleasure to look beyond that and see the path in an external way, finding the essence within these stories" Raynor Winn

We are pleased to share a preview of one of the songs chosen for Saltlines, which was contributed by John Spiers. Ten Thousand Miles was collected by Cecil Sharp from a Mrs Glover from Huish Episcopi in Somerset, 1904. 


Posted by Peter Knight on June 10th 2022

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