'Secondary thoughts from a Premier Inn.'

Hi everyone.

A few words all to do with Gigspanner and where we are with the music.

We are half way through the tour and all is well. The music continues to grow along with the audiences and their reaction to it. We could not wish for more, except for a new van, a new car and a list of all the best indian take-aways for after the gigs. Oh! And a Strad.

We tried rehearsing a new song in a room on our Premier Inn yesterday, but it wasn't very satisfying. Worrying about making too much noise, and Vincent drumming on Roger's suitcase, and me with a mute on the Fiddle. We abandoned the idea and went out for a few beers and a curry. Day off. Lovely.

We will be recording a new cd during December so we're trying to rehearse material during the soundchecks. Not always possible but we must grab the time wherever we can. The challenge is trying to find ways of arranging these songs that suits the way we play. The easy option is to sing the song and play the chords. Not so easy to create something that goes way beyond that, giving us the chance to really play in the way we need to.

'The Hard Times Of Old England' is a song that we have been working on for a while now, and have at last found the way in to make it ours. We start the second set with it and I really look forward to playing and singing it. It took a while. Worth it though. I'm sure it will change a bit more before the end of the tour.

So that's it from me for now.

See you on tour somewhere.

All the best,


Posted on November 19th 2014

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