Our Tour De France

What a great time we've had. All good news. Good food, wine, music and some new friends. Just the five gigs, but we will definitely do it again next year.

Most of our audience were of course Brits who now live in France, and some did come over from the UK to see us. The French people that came to the gigs loved the music, and I did my best to introduce some of the songs in French, with a bit of help from Vincent here and there.

The first concert was filmed by Perrine Nouvier for her channel CREUSE TV and we have yet to check it out to see if it could be worth releasing.

Below is a link to a youtube clip of that first concert, with the sound recorded from the camera. As with every concert, we did record the audio so we do have a good quality sound track if needed. The venue in the video is the Salle Des Fêtes, St. Pierre Cherignat.

Here it is.


Posted on September 6th 2012

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