News From The Bread Oven, January 2012

Happy new year everyone. Peter here.

I am about to go into my studio to work on some new material for Gigspanner. Always a bit strange trying to imagine where it should go now. Last year was great, and this year has to be better. Or worse. But it does have to be different.

My view is that if we do more of the same without trying to push the boundaries a bit, there is a good chance that we will not give the music what is required to make it live.

I am not completely comfortable talking about myself and what I am doing. I do understand that people are interested, and as I am doing now, I am trying to write something that may be of interest, without just listing a few facts about work in progress. If I was good at this, I would not have been a musician. I would have been a writer, publicist, or a Poet. "Read my lips" said the Butterfly.

You see, that's what happens. I begin by trying to write something about Gigspanner and the material that needs to be sorted, and end up on that circular thought process that is the workings of my mind. Hardly fit for the news page on a website. I wil ask Roger and Vincent to jot some thoughts down. That way, you will probably be able to sift through the ramblings and gain some facts.

Anyway. I'm going in. That room where I turn on the recording gear and make a fool of myself when no one is listening. Where it will lead I have no idea. Hopefully something will emerge that excites, and will go on to be a piece of music that can develop and become part of our lives for now at least. Who knows? I may decide that today is not the day that my head and heart will join in holy matromony to marry together the ideas and thoughts that pour from me. Maybe nothing will pour. Something might trickle out.

It may be a good day. A tune - A song - An idea - A bass line.

The bottom line is, I should be in there now instead of writing this. Maybe I'll just set this to music and call it a day.

To the bread oven.


Posted on January 2nd 2012

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