New Studio Album Update.....

A quick update. We are rehearsing and recording new material for our next CD, and are all really pleased with how the music is taking shape.

Sacha, our new drummer, is so good to work with when it comes to exploring the best feel for the songs and tunes. We are all in one mind when it comes to knowing when something works or doesn't.

It's easy to miss good ideas when they pop up amongst other ideas, maybe not immediately recognising that we may have found the way into the song. Sometimes you can work on an idea that goes nowhere, and then remember an idea from the day before and that's the one, the way in to the music that just feels right and comfortable.

It's hard work but very rewarding. What we don't do is to stop short and accept an arrangement that is not quite good enough. "That'll do " doesn't come into it. We are either blown away by what we discover, or drop the song or tune if there is no way in for us.

The endeavour is to take a trad song that we love, find the earliest and simplest version of the song, and then set about playing it in a way that suits us and the song. Change a few words maybe to make it singable, or write harmonies or melodies etc.

And a real bonus is that Sacha sings. One song we are working on opens with just fiddle and three part harmonies. Now we really are a boy band!

So far we have found a way in to four songs and a tune, and tonight we start recording those, whilst continuing work on others we have shortlisted.

Good luck studio


Posted on February 8th 2017

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