'Layers of Ages' Reviewed in fRoots.

An abbreviated version...

"Peter Knight’s ambitions always extended beyond the day job and now he’s freed himself from that particular long-term engagement he is starting to unfurl his colours, and he shows a willingness to turn the expected inside out and to place it back as neat as it was before being taken.

She Moved Through The Fair is fair game...multiple gentle versions have reinforced the idea of a dead love come back, but eight-plus minutes of hypnotic shifting and jig-driven metamorphosis soon put those in the shade.

Knight’s kinship with Irish music is also celebrated by a lovely rendering of Salley Gardens.

However, just in case you were in any doubt as to this band’s potential, the opener Bows Of London, involves sister killing sister, bodily metamorphosis into musical instruments and voices from beyond, all delivered in ethno-ambient clothing.

There is as much hinted at here as delivered. Peter Knight’s ambition and drive is an untapped well".

Posted on August 1st 2015

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