Last chance to view our Convent gig at home.

Gigspanner's gig at the Convent was beautifully filmed, and the sound was superb. A huge thanks to Dave and Ian for the sound, and I'm not sure who was operating the cameras, but friends who watched the gig in France said it looked superb. "Gobsmacking" was the word.

The gig was streamed live, which is what the Convent is all about really. Our gig was being shown in the bar after the gig, and I had no idea that the result was going to be so good. I would certainly watch a gig from The Convent at home now I know the quality involved. Check out all the gigs they have coming up. Fantastic.

I think our gig is still up on the website for a couple more days if you fancy spending £7.50, grabbing a drink or two and getting the chip pan on. No driving involved. If technology carries on advancing like this, I won't need to leave home to go on tour.

Also, I have a new friend. His name is Tony Hazzard and he performed the night before. I watched all the artists, and was particularly moved by his songs. Turns out he's written songs for all sorts of famous people.

We drank till quite late, including a few Jagerbombs, and even got complaints from some young musicians who were sleeping in rooms above the bar. I love it. A couple of pensioners keeping the younguns up. Rock n roll. Actually, there were four of us. I think.

Finally, huge thanks to Matthew Roberts and Charlotte, plus all the team for an out of this world experience. Get well soon, Matthew.

Here is the link to our concert

Best wishes from Sunny Cornwall.


Posted on March 28th 2016

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