Knight & Spiers Return to FolkEast 2017

In the summer of 2016, the organisers of FolkEast Festival had the grand idea of pairing Peter Knight and John Spiers for a special 'one off' concert at that year's festival.

In the event, it ended up being a genuine festival highlight, with no space to be found in the Marquee and people standing five deep in pouring rain. For a few minutes at the close of their performance, with a standing ovation and roars for more, it didn't seem as though the audience was going to let them was a genuinely spine tingling occasion. As the MC commented, it was one of those occasions when people could say "I was there".

It was clear that matters couldn't end there, and it is with great pleasure that we announce their return to FolkEast 2017.

Look out for details of their debut tour in March 2018. It's going to be a fabulous one. Knight and Spiers now have a Facebook page at

Posted on May 20th 2017

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