Gigspanner Big Band Live Stream Concert Retrospective Tickets


The Gigspanner Big Band Live at Nettlebed Folk Club

Retrospective TicketsFor A Limited Time Only

For those who missed the Gigspanner Big Band's Live Stream album launch concert on the 21st of September, we have some good news!

By request, we have agreed to make tickets available for the video footage, which was streamed via a  hidden Youtube link.

The ticket will allow you to watch as many times as you like, for as long as the video remains online.

The Band played  two sets which features the whole of their latest album, Natural Invention, and other favourite tracks. The sound quality is excellent thanks to the Band's Producer and Sound Engineer, Edward Blakeley.

Although the Gigspanner Big Band has tour dates scheduled for February, April and May, in addition to summer festivals, we all realise that there is a real possibility that those gigs may not be able to happen.

So this is a once in a blue moon opportunity to see the special lineup together again, and demonstrating how 

"With the Gigspanner Big Band, Peter Knight has assembled a group of musicians intent on making some of the most important and exhilarating art ever to sit under the banner of folk music"  FRUK

Posted by Peter Knight on September 26th 2020

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