The Wife of Urban Law Peter Knight

The Wife Of Urban Law

Release Date 31st of October 2017

"With Gigspanner, Peter Knight has assembled one of the most quietly brilliant sets of musicians in the folk world and beyond.

The Wife Of Urban Law is both experimental and accessible; it is music that respects the past without being in thrall to it. And more importantly, it is a record of stunning and sustained beauty"

Folk Radio UK

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Big Band: Live  Self Released – 9th August 2017

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Big Band: Live

The Gigspanner Big Band with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, aka Edgelarks, was formed out of a mutual likeness and respect for each other's music.

This is The Gigspanner Big Band's first recording and was released on 

August 9th 2017.

Layers of Ages Front Cover

Layers of Ages

It has been a long time in the works, but Gigspanner’s riveting new album ‘Layers of Ages’ sees the band blowing the dust from a collection of well-worn traditional music and song to reveal authentic moments of startling originality and great beauty...

"An extraordinary in texture and atmosphere" - Northern Sky Magazine

"Gigspanner has taken traditional tunes as a starting point and rearranged, orchestrated and improvised around them to create fascinating new works....they move effortlessly and seamlessly through myriad styles and textures. Gigspanner’s increasingly impressive sound is like no other" - Folk Radio UK

Peter Knight Videos

Below is a selection of videos featuring Peter Knight. If you would like to see more, head to the Peter Knight YouTube channel.

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