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'Layers of Ages'

Sleeve Notes


Both Roger and myself use certain effects to change the sound of the Guitar and Fiddle, and on some tracks it’s not always obvious what instrument is playing.

The three tracks are:

1. Bows of London

Roger plays his guitar through a volume pedal to swell the guitar sound from nothing into reverb and delay. This is called ‘Violining’. My Fiddle has no effects other than some reverb.

2. Death and the Lady

Roger plays his guitar with some reverb, apart from the very end where he plays a riff with some distortion added. I play an Octave Fiddle which is an octave lower in pitch than a normal Fiddle. My first solo has no effects other than some reverb. For my last solo at the end of the song, I play through a ‘Rat’ pedal. It’s a distortion pedal. I deliberately played in a way to make a sound like an unearthly piper.

3. Mad Tom of Bedlam

I have no effects on my Fiddle other than reverb, and Roger plays his Guitar solo using a talk box.

Feel free to drop a line if there is anything you would like to know .


Background photographs by Elly Lucas

Deborah Knight

Deborah Knight
Telephone Mobile: 07974 842950


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