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Wife of Urban Law CD Cover


New Studio Album

The Wife of Urban Law

Release Date 31st of October 2017

"With Gigspanner, Peter Knight has assembled one of the most quietly brilliant sets of musicians in the folk world and beyond.

The Wife Of Urban Law is both experimental and accessible; it is music that respects the past without being in thrall to it. And more importantly, it is a record of stunning and sustained beauty"

Folk Radio UK




1. Urban's Reel
2. Spencer The Rover
3. Green Gravel
4. Lament For The Wife Of Urban Law
5. Peggy And The Soldier
6. Bold Riley
7. The Blackbird
8. Penny The Hero
9.Rocking The Cradle

Total running time: 51.27 mins


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Gigspanner Big Band cd cover


Gigspanner Big Band Live

The Gigspanner Big Band with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, aka Edgelarks, was formed out of a mutual likeness and respect for each other's music.

Every now and then we get together and play a few concerts, this year including Cropredy Festival.

This is our first recording and was released on
August 9th 2017.


Sound Samples HERE


1. The Butterfly
2. Silbury Hill
3. Hard Times of Old England
4. Banks of the Nile
5. Death and the Lady
6. Last Broadcast
7. Sharp Goes Walkabout
8. The Boy That Wouldn't Hoe Corn
9. King of the Fairies

Total running time: 74 mins

DVD cover pic


Gigspanner Live in Concert DVD

Our first DVD is now available from this online shop, and at concerts from February 2016.

Recorded at The Cut Arts Centre in Halesworth, this DVD brings 72 minutes of 'The Best Of' into your own homes.

Also includes the 'Death and the Lady' official video as
filmed by Perrine Nouvier.

Watch the trailer here:

1. She moved through the Fair
2. Mad Tom of Bedlam
3. Hard Times of old England
4. Death and the Lady
5. The Butterfly
6. Louisiana Flack
7. Bonny Birdy
8.King of the Fairies

Total running time: 72 mins


Layers of Ages Cover

Layers Of Ages


It has been a long time in the works, but Gigspanner’s riveting new album ‘Layers of Ages’ sees the band blowing the dust from a collection of well-worn traditional music and song to reveal authentic moments of startling originality and great has come to be expected of works originating from the Gigspanner stable.

Sound Samples HERE

Download from:

1. Bows of London
2. She moved through the Fair
3. Death and the Lady
4. Mad Tom of Bedlam
5. King of the Fairies
6. Louisiana Flack
7. A week before Easter
8. Down by the Salley Gardens
9. Hard Times of old England

Total running time: 53 mins

Gigspanner cd cover

Doors At Eight

'Doors At Eight' is a live recording featuring material from our May 2010 UK tour. Sound samples at:

1. The Butterfly 2. Picnic 3. Mrs McGrath 4. Dave Robert's French Waltz 5. Two Constant Lovers 6. Too Late For Shadows 7. Sitting On Top Of The World 8. The Water Is Wide 9. Bonny Birdy 10. Sharp Goes Walkabout 11. Rolling Down The Bourne - Total running time 76.14

Gigspanner cd cover

Lipreading The Poet

Lipreading the Poet' was released on the 5th of November 2009. The work featured on Peter's solo Album 'Too Late for Shadows' encompassed a seam of raw material that has been mined, polished and given renewed value by Gigspanner.

Listed as one of the Top 15 Global Albums of 2009 by 'The Wire'. "Intelligent, multi-lingual music making"

Available in download and CD version

To purchase download version use link below.

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1. The Butterfly 2. Si Beg Si Mor 3.Sharpe goes Walkabout 4.The Water Carriers 5.Rolling down the Bourne 6.Camberwell Beauty 7.Autumn Leaves 8.The Banks of the Suir
Total Running Time 57 minutes


Deborah Knight

Deborah Knight
Telephone Mobile: 07974 842950


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