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2nd December 2015

'Hard Times of Old England' Official Video.

Another Extraordinary video from Perrine Nouvier to accompany the track 'Hard Times of Old England' from our recent album 'Layers of Ages'.

Thanks Perrine. xx


2nd November 2015

'Live in Concert' DVD

A 74 minute recording of highlights from a concert recorded at New Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth, will be available in the next few weeks at concerts and from our online shop.

To be kept up to date with further news please join our mailing list here:

In the meantime, here is a seven minute montage of footage to give you a taste of what is to come:

15th October 2015

Bristol Folk Festival 2016

Our thanks to the Bristol Folk Festival team for inviting us back as a headline act on Saturday the 30th April.

We will be joined by special guests BBC Folk Award Winners, Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, and we can't wait to play with them as a five piece band again.

8th September 2015

Acoustic Magazine Review

A late review of 'Layers of Ages' has turned up in 'Acoustic' magazine.

An abbreviated overview...

"Peter Knight and his lads have been touring like fury, and currently the UK's folk music scene is in an interesting period of transition... folkies are looking to rejuvenate their oeuvre, with bands like Gigspanner at the forefront. And this bunch does well with tracks that bristle with intrigue and imagination, almost defying the listener to turn away"

1st August 2015

'Layers of Ages' Reviewed in fRoots.

An abbreviated version...

"Peter Knight’s ambitions always extended beyond the day job and now he’s freed himself from that particular long-term engagement he is starting to unfurl his colours, and he shows a willingness to turn the expected inside out and to place it back as neat as it was before being taken.

She Moved Through The Fair is fair game...multiple gentle versions have reinforced the idea of a dead love come back, but eight-plus minutes of hypnotic shifting and jig-driven metamorphosis soon put those in the shade.

Knight’s kinship with Irish music is also celebrated by a lovely rendering of Salley Gardens.

However, just in case you were in any doubt as to this band’s potential, the opener Bows Of London, involves sister killing sister, bodily metamorphosis into musical instruments and voices from beyond, all delivered in ethno-ambient clothing.

There is as much hinted at here as delivered. Peter Knight’s ambition and drive is an untapped well".

17th June 2015

4 Star Review in Maverick Magazine

"With his new trio, Peter Knight breaks new ground and is second to absolutely nobody...(Gigspanner) deliver a quite simply superb set"

Ground-breaking, engaging, frequently astonishing, this is a recording that fully justifies that old cliche, potential album of the year"

15th June 2015

Special guests at Nettlebed and Tewkesbury

Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin join us at Nettlebed folk club tonight, and at the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury tomorrow night.

It's 4pm and we are just about to soundcheck at Nettlebed. I can hear everyone tuning up and even that sounds beautiful to me. Can't wait for the gig.

Try and make one of these gigs if you can.

Our rehearsal for these two gigs was absolutely rich with music making. I am smiling.

4th June 2015

Folk Radio UK

An insightful review of Layers of Ages appears on FRUK, the UK's leading online magazines for modern and traditional folk music.

"Gigspanner has taken traditional tunes as a starting point and rearranged, orchestrated and improvised around them to create fascinating new works....they move effortlessly and seamlessly through myriad styles and textures....the result is well worth the wait, leaving no doubt that Gigspanner’s increasingly impressive sound is like no other"

28th May 2015

Northern Sky Review

"An extraordinary gem. Rich in both texture and atmosphere, the nine mostly traditional songs and tunes are treated to some bold re-imagining here"

26th May 2015

Album Launch Tour Commencing 3rd of June

We start the album launch tour with a host of really great album reviews under our belt, and we are looking forward greatly to the start of the tour on the 3rd of June.

We are joined on two dates by the marvellous Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, winners of the BBC Folk Awards Best Duo 2014.

All tour dates at this link

22nd May 2015

5 Star Review from R2 Rock 'n Reel

Dai Jeffries concludes "The development of Gigspanner over their time together is album of the year without doubt"

20th May 2015

Press Quotes

Layers of Ages, released on the 11th of May, continues to get an impressive seal of approval from the music press.

"Just by the first track you know this album is something special" Folk All

"The musicianship on this album is astounding" Bright Young Folk

“Another remarkably imaginative and eclectic sequence of arrangements....entirely captivating on first hearing” Living Tradition

"Well worth the wait – a real showcase for Peter Knight’s virtuostic playing and the band’s diverse influences. An album to relish” Folkcast

“A glorious musical tour de force...simply exquisite” Spiral Earth

“Magnificent...a feast of imaginative music" *****” The Telegraph

"The trio de-construct and transform the music into an original blend of the exotic and often eclectic” Louder than War

19th May 2015

5 Stars from The Telegraph

The Telegraph has awarded Layers of Ages 5 stars in its review of the album and has added it to its 'Best of Folk 2015' list.

18th May 2015

EFDSS Magazine

The EFDSS magazine has included a great review of the album in its latest copy.

"Gigspanner work together in musical genius. The entire album presents us with a large mix of different instruments and sounds to captivate the listener and keep things constantly changing and flowing.This makes each and every track on the album special without any risk of repetition. There is no track that won’t rope you in and buzz you like drinking a barrel of coffee"

The full review can be read in 'Media and Press'

Saturday 2nd May 2015

More Radio Play.

Thanks again to Rick of Roots and Fusion for playing another track (King of the Fairies) from Layers of Ages, and for calling it one of his albums of the year. The track comes in at 1 hour 26.

Do check out the entire show, it is a great source of not only folk, but world, blues, roots and fusion. You stand a fine chance of discovering a real gem or two....even a whole program full!

Just click HERE.

And then on BBC Radio Ulster, you can hear our version of 'Hard Times of Old England' as chosen by Cherrie Mcllwaine for her late night show. That can be heard 30 minutes into the show.

Friday 1st May 2015

New Album - Free Download.

Happy May Day weekend, everyone!

To celebrate we have a gift for you in the form of a free download from the new album. We have chosen the track 'Bows of London', which is a real gift because this is a genuine debut. The song has never been played live, so it should be fresh to your ears.

Yes I know....many of you are going to keep your 'Layers of Ages' virginity until the 11th of May release date. Well done!

But to the strumpets amongst you, here you are, with our love.

The album is available on pre-order right now, ready to be sent out at the end of the week. See shop for details.

Wednesday 29th April 2015

'Death and The Lady' Official Video.

Perrine Nouvier has created this extraordinary film for the song 'Death And The Lady'.

Tuesday 28th April 2015

First review of Layers of Ages published by Spiral Earth.

"A glorious musical tour de force...What makes Gigspanner unique is the variety of musical colours on their palette. What makes them brilliant is how they blend them without ever muddying the landscape"

Saturday 25th April 2015

'She Moved Through the Fair' played by Roots & Fusion, Pure FM.

"It's absolutely wonderful, it really, really is...just listen, and wow!"

Listen in at 1hour 30minutes.

Wednesday 22nd April 2015

'Layers of Ages' Debut Airplay.

BBC Radio Nan Gàidheal was the first radio station to play a track from Gigspanner's new studio album.

'King of the Fairies' can be heard at aprox 1 hour and 10 minutes into the show on Listen again

All UK media enquiries for Gigspanner's album Layers of Ages please contact Jane Brace PR Tel : (01243) 789554

Sunday 19th April 2015

New Youtube Videos .

Two new interview videos by Terry Hulf and Edd Blakeley

We took a break from recording the new album to chat to producer Edd Blakeley about the inspiration behind the material for 'Layers of Ages'. In the second video we each talk about the story behind the instruments that we have chosen to play.


Wednesday 1st April 2015

New Album 'Layers of Ages' now available for Pre-Order.

Orders may now be placed for Gigspanner's new studio album, which is due for release on Monday May 11th 2015.

Sample Tracks Here

Pre-Order Here

Album Launch Tour Dates Here

Wednesday 25th March 2015

New Studio Album

Hi all. I know. It's been a while. Sorry about that. I'm sure you know that the reason for neglecting the website for so long is because I haven't been neglecting the music. I have proof :)

Gigspanner has spent the past few months recording a new studio album called 'Layers Of Ages'. We recorded in our own studios, and then pulled it all together at the end with the help of a young and dynamic Man called Edward Blakeley. We spent the best part of a month with Edward, overdubbing, mixing and mastering. We are well pleased with the result.

We will be loading up a dedicated page in a short while, with sound samples of the tracks, artwork etc, so for now I'll simply give you some idea of what to expect.

The music is mostly traditional, and the approach is how we always approach the music. We like to leave enough room within the arrangements to spread out and stretch the music a little. There is nothing more exciting than finding yourself lost in a new layer of spontaneous and inspired music. Having said that, we are aware that it is the song that has to live, so the music has to enhance and not hinder.

Gigspanner has grown organically since its conception, so we decided to give it a present by asking a few people to help us with this album. Elly Lucas for the cover shot, and Jane Brace to handle the publicity. Tim Marrs has again produced a beautiful sleeve design, with type setting by Kate Stretton, and I have already mentioned Edward Blakeley. We will have film and video to help promote this cd, and the launch tour is in June. The official release date is May 11th, and pre-orders will be from April 1st. No. It's not an April fool joke.

I will get back to you with lots more information in a while, but for now I have some practice to do. The 'Feast of Fiddles' tour begins straight after the Gigspanner tour in four days time, and I can't let Hugh Crabtree down.

Back in a while.









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